This bath truffle is a bath treat made with shea butter paired with an effervescent bomb paste. Very hydrating, it acts like a solid bath oil. You can cut them in half depending on the size of your bath and the needs of your skin.


COMFORT / A comforting, inviting and warm synergy made up of aromas of blackcurrant, cedar, bergamot & a delicate touch of star anise.

FALL AT NIGHT / A fragrance imbued with romanticism by a blend of comforting notes of wood, eucalyptus, vanilla sugar and all coated like a soft caress of lavender and fresh lilac.

OATS HONEY MILK / Creamy, soft as a caress.

CACTUS / If the holidays had a smell, this would be it! A marriage of cactus flower, fresh citrus and Caribbean greenery.

OMG / Blackberry vanilla

  • 50 g