APPLE POMEGRANATE / It's fresh and sweet. Notes of fresh pomegranate, green grapes, strawberries and a filigram back note of rose and lilac. This fragrance remains fruity in moderation.

LIME / It's true, lively, tangy roughly it smells like summer. You can almost feel the rays of the sun.

CHAMOMILE, ALMOND & HONEY / Sweet, but not too much. For some it is reminiscent of an almond cake, for others Amaretto liqueur or a herbal tea with fresh chamomile to which honey would have been generously added. A unisex scent that appeals to young and old.

ITALIAN PEACH / Fruity and tangy on a summer day.

ADONIS / For men.

  • Why beer in Shampoo?

    In fact, the natural qualities of the brewer's yeast contained in the soap which is recognized for its benefits on the beauty of the nails, the hair and the skin (anti eczema and anti acne). Brewer's yeast contains proteins, minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Made from water, grains and hops, beer is rich in potassium, magnesium and particularly vitamin B. In addition, as it is rich in potassium, vitamin B, antioxidants, it has a moisturizing effect and Anti aging. In addition, the beer which contains biotin will prevent hair loss, exert an astringent action, tighten the keratin scales and facilitate disentangling the hair. Consequently, the beer will make it possible to hydrate and strengthen fragile hair subjected to coloring, bad weather, sun or coloring, leaving them more supple, soft, shiny and much easier to comb. Finally, the sugar of the alcohol contained in the beer will naturally increase the foam that the soap of the traditional method will make.