LILAC / Like the one you cut in the spring. Delicate and floral.

SATSUMA / It's a stimulating aroma where the bright citrus juices of orange will help wake you up with the combination of white grapefruit embellished with white musk!


LOVE SPELL / A blend of fruity and sweet scents of cherry, vanilla and jasmine.

BORÉALISSIME / Black spruce and balsam fir. This fragrance is well loved among men and perfect for camping.

HIBISCUE AND BLUEBERRY INFUSION / It's like candy for adults. Tangy and just sweet enough. If you have a very sharp nose, you will also recognize aromas of strawberries and raspberries.


  • This cold pressed shampoo does not require saponification. With one bar you can do up to 80-100 shampoos. It's so soft on the hair that you might not need conditioner or occasionally. It only contains plant products or derived from plants. Its creamy foam will revive you and make your mop happy. Super practical for travel, camping and in the sports bag, because no damage! Let's not forget that it is not packaged, so no plastic in the environment.


    Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate: Mild surfactant, very foaming and derived from coconut oil. Leaves skin and hair soft. Gentle on the eyes.

    Decyl polyglucoside: Soft surfactant, stabilizes foam, moisturizes, revitalizes (ECOCERT)

    Argan oil (Argania spinosa kernel oil): Moisturizing oil for the hair, it nourishes them, penetrates the hair sheath and promotes disentangling.

    Grape seed oil (Vitis vinifera oil): Moisturizing, emollient, regulates sebum. Helps fine, dry and damaged hair.

    Avocado Oil (Persea americana oil): Helps with dull, dry hair. It helps with hair loss. This oil is hydrating and softening.

    Rhassoul (Marroccan lava clay): The exceptional Rhassoul clay is rich in silica, potassium, magnesium and calcium. True "earth that washes", Rhassoul is a volcanic clay collected in the region of the Middle Atlas in Morocco. It is used to prepare soft and purifying paste shampoos thanks to its exceptional ability to absorb impurities without irritating the skin. It thus respects the hydrolipidic film of the skin and hair and does not irritate the sebaceous glands.

    Varrech or Kelp (Laminaria digitata (Kelp) Powder): Kelp contains over 60 minerals and elements, 21 amino acids, simple and complex carbohydrates. Kelp is known to help calm symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. The plant activates circulation and can help in hair growth.

    Behentrimonium methosulfate, cetearyl alcohol: emulsifier, thickener, stabilizer, conditioner and detangler for the hair.

    May contain Hymalaya salt

    Argania spinosa kernel oil, Vegetable glycerin, Fragrance & Mica

  • 55 g